Narrow Gauge Railroad Inn

​Our really cool 420 room had a water issue and it has been completely remodeled. It's not as cool because there is no van seat or pot leaf art but it's still nice. We have several 420 rooms available.

​There are three recreational Pot Shops within walking distance of the motel and two of them offer discounts to our guests. Check-in, take a stroll, a joint to roll!

RULES:  You may smoke pot in your room. Let us know you will be smoking so we can give you the appropriate room.  There is a patio on the front of the building and fire pit with picnic tables in the yard.  You may only smoke in these areas as long as they are not occupied by other guests.  We rarely have children at our motel but when we do please do not smoke outside in view anywhere!  We are adults and common sense is all we ask.