Narrow Gauge Railroad Inn

CALL: 719-376-5441


Reservations for this room must be made by email or phone only.  Do not use online booking engines to reserve this room.  

RULES:  You may smoke pot in your room. Let us know you will be smoking so we can give you the appropriate room.  There is a patio on the front of the building and fire pit with picnic tables in the yard.  You may only smoke in these areas as long as they are not occupied by other guests.  We rarely have children at our motel but when we do please do not smoke outside in view anywhere!  We are adults and common sense is all we ask.  

The room is stocked with books, a big ass puzzle and coloring pages with all the markers. crayons and colored pencils you need to unleash your creative mind.  Please consider leaving a doodle or piece of art.  We'll display it in the room.

Marijuana leaf button art done by Jen and hung proudly over the awesome van seat we purchased from a local resident.

‚ÄčThis cool light fixture hangs over the table and was donated by a guest when the room was merely a concept.

This cool piece of art is painted directly above the commode in the bathroom.  Maddy Albhorn is the artist and is currently a graduate student at Adams State University.  She also lives and works and the motel and has other wonderful art available for sale.

Antonito has recently become home to High Valley, our first recreational marijuana shop.  Two more have planted roots also, all within walking distance of the motel.  In honor of that we have created a cool room to enjoy your purchases.  The entire staff and several guests have participated in creating this room and we hope it remains a constant work in progress.  The room has a microwave, fridge and coffee maker.  If you make reservations for the room in advance you get a free munchie basket and handmade welcome gift from Jen.  We'll do our best to provide the same for you if just stop in but no promises.  The room rate is $75.00 per night and that includes tax.