Narrow Gauge Railroad Inn

Note to Hunters:   It's O.K. for you to stay here.   Although most of the vets, techs and volunteers are vegetarians they are also mostly from Colorado and understand hunting.   We ask that your families enjoy the meat you provide and that none is wasted.  We also ask that you clean your kill in the field and not on the property.  Freezer space is available, ask for Steve.   If we suspect you of poaching or trophy hunting without making use of your kill (donate it!) we will turn your ass in.  

​We have two full jobs here at the Inn.  One of them we get paid for, one of them we don't.  We have a wonderful woman in our town who has been and will remain the fighting force behind the well-fare of our local animal friends.  The Inn and it's employees have gladly adopted her and her mission.  There will be times you will check in and we will be running an animal wellness clinic in the back room.  We will also be starting an adoption program from the Inn.  Dogs will be a common site around the property and so will donation jars.  What we do and the dogs we save need your help.   We are serious about what we do and we hope our guests understand and support our mission.  

The Inn is a proud sponsor of Animal Rescue of Southern Colorado